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Untuk Yang Ke Sekelian Kalinya...

Untuk yang ke sekelian kainya, blog ini diabaikan... sorry...

update terbaru???

sekarang nie betul2 hidup diatas pagar. tidak boleh melangkah kedepan dan tidak mahu melangkah kebelakang. hanya boleh duduk dan berikhtiar. moga2 tidak ditolak kebelakang tetapi ditarik ke hadapan. inshaAllah.

beza kawan dan keluarga.

kalau nak tahu die tu kawan atau keluarga, senang je.

kalo jumpe die time tuition free week, kite senyum dan gembira, maknanya dia keluarga.
tapi kalo jumpe die kite rase bosan dan mengeluh, die tu cuma kawan je. tak lebih tapi boleh kurang.

dan hari nie, saya dah tahu sape kawan dan sape keluarga. :)

full of emotion.

last week was special. why? because my sis n I planning to give something to our beloved one in PG. who are they? and what did they get?

well, they are...



then, on Saturday we got E-Fact AGM. all the best to new committee and congratz to old committee for make our year meaningful through all the programs. 

credit to nazri kawi
then, the next day having fun with the sports day from a-plus. really really enjoy it after a long time didn't play sport. huhuhu. and as usual, GREEN always be the numo uno! yeah! go GREEN go! go MEDSA go! 

other then those fun thing, also got more 'fun' thing. it is EXAM! aaargh! fortunately the mineralogy practical exam is awesome but the structural geology practical exam is @%$#! hu~ lot of us are depressed because this but well, life still goes on. 

now, preparing for three more paper. hope everything will be okay but exam always be KO right? he~ all the best to everyone and for those who already in holiday and counting day to going home, lets reU! miss all of u!!!